2021 National Virtual Black and Latino Economic Summit

Welcome to the Black and Latino Economic Summit

You have now entered the Virtual Conference Center where you can engage with like-minded individuals, learn ways you can impact the development of your community, and discover the role economics play in small businesses and non-profit organizations.

How to Attend a Session

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To attend a Summit Session, use your registration link you received in your confirmation email when you registered for the Summit to visit the conference center, up in the right hand corner click on “Agenda”, and proceed to click live/watch now during the session’s scheduled time.

On the Agenda, you can favorite a session and add to your calendar to be reminded with the link included

When you attend, we strongly recommend using Google Chrome as your preferred web browser. Microsoft Edge or Firefox are also available to use. Please make sure this browser is updated to its latest version, Using other browsers other than these listed may cause attendees potential technical difficulties.

Summit Overview

In this 4-week symposium, we will unpack a shared vision of eliminating barriers and enhancing access to economic sustainability in Black and Latino communities. Closing the racial wealth gap is imperative to realizing a strong, sustainable economy.
The summit will provide a space for banking institutions and the communities they intend to serve to discuss access to capital, affordable housing, neighborhood development, and community reinvestment for these underserved populations.

The Need

For decades, black and brown communities have been underserved—and sometimes unserved—by the United States’ financial system. From access to banking services to redlining to subprime mortgage lending to the recent disparities in relief for small minority businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, communities of color have historically been disproportionately impacted.

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There were be opportunities within the session to converse with conference attendees and speakers while having access to the breakout lounge.

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